About Yogi Caleb

Like all Sattva Yogis, Caleb has a deep compassion for all beings and a sense of passion for our planet. With his authentic heart, he has a desire of service to spirit and pours everything into his classes, teaching from his core, sharing his deepest expression. 

Sattva (pronounced satt*wa) means whole, complete, balance, truth. It is more than a physical practice. Sattva Yoga is the unity of many yogic paths. Developed in the Himalayas over a decade ago by Anand Mehrotra, it brings together hatha postures, vinyasa flows, kriyas, mantras, free movement and wisdom to help create energetic shifts in body, mind and spirit.

Caleb prepares each Sattva Journey beginning with a vision for what to teach and invites the journey to emerge. With his commanding presence and intense passion he draws his students in, encouraging them into the experience. Deeply attuned to the energy of a group, Caleb takes his students on a journey to the deepest part of themselves, creating a clear path for the individual to experience a full, healthy, abundant and joyous life. 


Sattva Yoga is the experience of non-duality, where both stillness and movement exist simultaneously. 



"Caleb has a rare talent; he blends a beautiful soul, a deep and thoughtful spirituality and a fundamental understanding of the physical body into a yoga workshop that at once answers any physical or emotional need you may have.  His teaching is effortless and graceful (unlike my attempts to follow his clear instructions) and is married with evocative and hauntingly beautiful music, both of which serve to leave you centred, calm and peaceful at the end of the session.  Whether you are looking for time away from the daily stresses of life, or a low-impact activity to tone and strengthen your body, the answer lies here.  Come and join us and you will be as big a fan as I am in just one session."   
Susie Clements



Sattva Yoga is ancient and fresh at the same time. It is deep and innocent. There is a soft heart with a fierce, strong spine.